Twelve Social Partners 

March 3, 2018

Here are twelve social partners:  humane tribes I'd like to work with (and why):
  1. Business Coaches.  Why?  To help build a super company that connects well with customers, is building good relationships with other fine companies, and works well with not-for-profit organizations as well.
  2. Canadians and Other Nationalities.  To internationalize for people everywhere, perhaps even translating it to other languages.
  3. Charities and Other Nonprofits  To meet people whose mindset is to help others, and help them fulfill their mission. Thrivent is a good example:  They help people with their finances while taking an interest in positive life outcomes for their customers.
  4. Compassionate Co-Workers.  To form a good company, and take it has far up the path to greatness as it can go.
  5. Families Looking To Help Kids Succeed.  To help their families be happy and successful. An example is Washington Business Week, which helps students learn how to start a business.
  6. "Grass Roots" Of Good Communities.  To become better grounded in what's really working well in America. Perhaps we can all help each other to greater happiness.
  7. Health and Well-Being Experts.  To become healthier, and spread the word so others can become healthier.  Together, I and companies that provide food and supplement providers can help each other improve our nutritional expertise.
  8. Intellectual Property Agents.  To help me understand and serve the various markets for my ideas, programs and writings.
  9. Professionals Who Help People.  To assist helpful experts and companies (for example, I could let them distribute Good Life Bonuses to their customers.)
  10. Religious Congregations and Nonprofits.  To help them achieve charitable goals. Thrivent is one good example.
  11. Social Angel Investors.  To meet people who understand financing in terms of both profitability and progress.
  12. Unfortunate People Ready To Rebound.  I'd like to help people find ways to rise up into restored happiness.  Helping them may be nearly as much of a boost to my happiness as it is to theirs.

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