What's the best way to fund ? Let's team up to greatly bless your donors with better health, safety and financial freedom.  Right?  Here's how it will happen:
  1. Refer your Friends (donors, co-workers, followers, etc.) to this site to gift them seven free Good Life Bonuses.
  2. They will see many wise tips given to greatly boost their life success in health, safety and financial freedom.
  3. These tips are projected to improve their financial freedom by many thousands of dollars.
  4. After their 7-day free trial ends, if they like their seven Bonuses it's only $27 to keep eveything in their own online Bonus Vault.
  5. receives $10 per referral who stays with us.
  6. Here's how you'll get even more donations directly:  The last thing they will see is the scroll you can see below, encouraging them to donate.  The photo(s) you submit (up to two) can depict anything you like:n&bsp; Usually “people pictures” inspire the most sympathy.

    Thanks!  Will Appreciate The $10

    We will donate $10 to on behalf of each new customer who stays with us.nbsp; Plus you've improved your financial freedom with tips worth thousands because referred you here!  Wouldn't it feel nice to return the favor by assisting with a direct donation?  If you'd like to donate, please click below now:
    Yes!  I'd like to help

    with a direct donation

  7. Throughout the year, they will all have more opportunities to donate as they read our emails and access their Bonus Vault.
See for yourself while collecting your own Good Life Bonuses -- free!    You can “skim” through it in 10-20 minutes.  Continue to benefit from your Bonuses anytime.  Get started here now:


That link is for confidential usage only.  The link you would send to your Friends is:

We're planning to open up this charity program within the next few months. Until then, you can sign up at our "Mission: Find The Kind" page to reserve your own Special Codeword and get in on the ground floor of this very special opportunity.

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