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David R. Snell
July 11, 2017

is a brief "good life guide" filled with life-enhancing tips: It's a free trial, no "catch", no special skills needed, simply cancel within 7 days and you pay nothing ever.

If we tried to describe the site completely you'd probably say "There's no way it can do all that so easily!"  But it actually reveals in just seven pages how to do 37 of the most important things in life the best way.  If your situation is typical, the Good Life Bonuses will contribute tens of thousands of dollars towards your financial freedom.

 About Founder David R. Snell 

Founder David Snell is a well-being advocate, which he considers an upwards evolution from his previous activities as a consumer advocate.  David has a long track record of humanitarian endeavors:

  • (2010 - 2017) President of , and creator of most of its programming, which has been ongoing since 2005.

  • (2008 - 2012) Creator of WorldKindnessCard.com, MagicMirrorQuotes.com and AutoSafetyHub.org.

  • (2007 - 2017) Founder of SmartConsumerTips.com, and the architect of most of its content.

  • (2002 - 2005) Creator of the LiveDrive Initiative:  LiveDrive is an invention we hope will improve traffic safety and save thousands of lives every year.

  • (1998 - 2005) Founded the Internet design company Ark Royal Software, which operated pro-consumer sites such as 100-free-magazines.com which enabled consumers to compare magazine prices and receive risk-free trials; and 10Money.com, a site that dispensed financial advice.

  • (1997-1998) Architect of the Gemini Project, which proposed to reduce obnoxious spam, telemarketing and junk mail and replace them with permission-based marketing.  This visionary proposal didn't garner sufficient support, but some of the ideas it describes have started to be implemented.

  • (1984 - 1997) Experienced computer programmer who founded Ark Royal Games and designed several computer games including Trivia Quest in 1984 and Adventurer-Kings, games that attracted thousands of fans from over a dozen countries.

Other semi-interesting facts about David Snell:

  • Born in 1961 in Alaska on "Freedom Day", June 19 -- a holiday celebrating the end of slavery in America
  • Alaska state junior chess champion, 1978
  • National Merit Scholar semifinalist, 1979
  • Attended Oregon State University 1979-1984, majoring in Computer Science
  • Inventor of the Thumb-accessible control housing for steering device for safer driving in 2004.
  • Currently traveling around America, writing and publishing whatever he can to help people live better.
Behold a more complete web portfolio for David Snell here:

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