Foods We Shouldn't Eat Together

A couple of days ago I consulted with a Taiwanese lady and we started talking about nutrition and supplements. She mentioned that some foods were unwise to combine, and asked me if it was the same way with supplements. I answered that well-designed supplements don't present any additional problems by combining them, because they provide only nutrients and not anything that blocks absorption or destroys nutrients.

But it really made me want to learn more about combining foods, so I researched it today. It turns out that it's fairly imporant to pay attention to how foods combine. The articles I read boil down the main principles to these:

  1. When fruit is combined with most other foods, it ferments and putrefaction may even occur. Don't eat fruit less than 30 minutes before a meal, or within a few hours after a meal.
  2. Don't eat animal protein with starchy foods. For example, meat and potatoes don't mix nutritionally. Many root vegetables are starchy: Starchy vegetables include beets, carrots, corn, peas, pumpkins, squash and yams.
  3. Protein fats only mix with non-starchy vegetables. Don't mix seeds, nuts or avocadoes with potatoes either.
  4. Liquids tend to interfere with digestion. Don't consume any more liquids than necessary with a meal, or near a mealtime (less than 15 minutes before, or one hour after a meal.)
  5. Don't combine high-protein foods. Proteins are difficult to digest, so take it easy on your colon and have only one piece of meat per meal.
Leafy greens combine well with almost anything. One article says we should always include them with any meal that has any fats.

Best article: 5 Food Combinations To Avoid

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