What's "Health, Safety and Financial
Really All About?

Good question, it's about time I explained our motto.  Let's get at the core of what this site is really aiming for.


When you're truly healthy physically and mentally, you feel a natural vibrancy and happiness. Unaffected by any physical malady and able to heal from any emotional wounds you may by chance suffer, you feel happy about life. Heal is ultimately about feeling happy and elevating it to joy in the happiest of times.

"Health and Happiness" is often a blessing people say to friends.  We'd like others to use their good health to further their happienss, but not everyone has enough health or wisdom to do that.


If health is about freedom from biological diseases and mental "dis-eases" that affect us from within, safety is about protection from external harms. You can experience profound peacefulness if you feel protected. We also need to feel free from any fear that our own bad karma or antagonistic relations with other parts of society will bring any harm to us. Then we can have precious peace of mind.

Financial Freedom

To understand financial freedom we need to dig a little deeper. As you well know, money can mean many different things to different people! It's very convertible into anything you can buy. Also it's a phrase of two words, unlike "Health" and "Safety". Breaking down the full meaning could easily merit an entire post on the subject.

For now, I'll just say that financial freedom goes towards the soul's good or foolish choices. "A fool and his money are soon parted" goes the classic proverb. And as Miguel de Cervantes (the Spanish author of Don Quixote) said, "The enjoyment of wealth is not found in mere possession or in lavish expenditure, but in its wise application."

As we begin our journey through life, happiness is about doing what we love. "Enthusiasm" is as good a word as any for that attitude. As we mature, our actions tend to be guided as much by love of others as by enthusiasm or self-love. If we're free and have the wisdom to choose love, that can be what financial freedom is really about.

Peace, happiness and love to all!

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