The Future Of Safety 

The motto of this site is "health, safety and financial freedom for all" so let's talk about safety now. A safety advocacy campaign could be both very humane, and may also vastly increase subscribership.

You may be interested to learn that for a few years I was an auto safety advocate and inventor (see Patent US6799488 - Thumb-accessible control housing for steering device, Later I put up an auto safety course at that has some funny elements, to help make it popular among younger drivers.

The first thing to realize is that the world's safety information can be much, much better organized than it is right now. It's so scattered all over the place, it's difficult for people to stay caught up with it all. Kids don't get anything close to complete information. There's a dire need for a better way to disseminate easy-to-learn safety information, one that we can step in and fill.

If we make an effort to collect a wide array of safety information at, and make that info easier to understand and more enjoyable to learn than virtually anywhere else, the site could become known as the best place to go for basic safety info. RIght now there is no such safety hub, on the Web or off. There's so little competition, it would be possible to become the best safety site on the Web without much delay and without spending a fortune.

As an example, this summer I put up a site at that allows visitors to download a free one-page dog safety poster and stick it on the fridge until everyone in the family understands dog safety. Such downloads can be used as notebook pages too: collect them all and you have a course in safety.

Safety is recognized as a very important subject, especially by mothers. The key to achieving some viral success would be doing safety well enough that the mothers of our country will want to share it with friends and relatives. There are three ways to spread the word, right? Telephone, television and "tell a woman."

I would like to give away all that safety information through major viral campaigns, as 20 to 50 one-page safety downloads. They would be magnets attracting people to sign up to safety emails, or to a subscription, or both.

And that's how I would vastly improve the safety situation in the world, while greatly increasing traffic to I think this safety advocacy effort can be done by people who are very socially kind and compassionate, with a great knack for building community.

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