"The Silver Knight..." 

... that's a nickname or "Handle" I'll often use online.  Does it seem reminiscent of Ralph Nader's nickname The Consumer Crusader," so dubbed by Newsweek over fifty years ago?  I like to think of myself as your honorable pen paladin, covering not just consumer affairs but also going beyond Nader's portfolio to cover higher notions of freedom, well-being and life fulfillment.

It comes from somewhere deep inside. I've always liked the history genre in books and movies:  As a kid I read Tolkien's novels five times, and my favorite movie is still John Boorman's Excalibur, a medieval Arthurian fantasy filmed in 1980.

Like many people, I've fantasized about owning a sports team.  I've often thought I'll call them "The Silver Knights" or "The Paladins".  That might seem like more of a name for an English team, but Las Vegas is certainly doing well with their Golden Knights hockey team.

And there's a more serious reason for calling myself "The Silver Knight."  It's not because of my graying hair, nor am I the secret Jedi Special Master for Earth Affairs (or at least I'm not yet ready to announce it publicly.) I'm actually always armored in a silver-lined clothing as protection from excessive EMF (electromagnetic field radiation)

You see, I'm highly susceptible to the radiation coming from computers, from wi-fi signals, and even my own cell phone.  If I get within six feet of my laptop, or one foot of my cell phone, I can feel the EMF begin to cause heart pains.

We're all vulnerable to EMF and various chemical toxins all around us. It often seems like the crucial battles of our times have more to do with health and spirit that anything military. Perhaps it's always been that way, we're just more conscious of it today.

There is something about silver that combats all that toxic radiation. That's why I always wear a silver-lined anti-EMF shirt. Otherwise, I might not be able to perform my noble duties in defense of Health, Safety and Financial Freedom. Someday soon I plan to invest in more silver shirts, wearing three or four at a time to further minimize all that harmful radiation.

How To Protect Yourself

My sincere advice to everyone is to keep yourself away from EMF as much as possible:
  • Carry your cell phone in your back pocket or purse, not anywhere near any of your vital organs. 
  • When you talk into it, don't hold it up to your ear (put it on speakerphone instead, or use earbuds.)
  • Enlarge the text size on your computer and use a wireless bluetooth keyboard that lets you sit as far away as you please. 
  • Keep at least three feet away from household wiring and from appliances such as microwave ovens. 
  • Don't sit or lie down anywhere near a television set (I personally need to stay twenty feet away from the modern flat-screen ones.)
It's a shame that there are so many little sources of toxicity that all add up to a major stress on our health.  It's a wise move for all of us to avoid any toxic stresses we can.  Try to eat healthy and organic, don't expose your skin to the dubious chemicals so prevalent in household products, and breathe clean air as much as you can.

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