The Top Supplements Most
Likely To Benefit Your Health

Searching for supplements that really work? Lets look at some powerful supplements that, unlike most supplements, have little "downside."

Top Recommended Supplements

These supplements carry my highest recommendation. After I created this list I wanted to highlight the ones that would be most important, but I soon realized that they all have very important purposes. Try them one by one, and let your own body tell you which ones best meet your individual needs!
Full disclosure:  I'm a well-being advocate and a caring person, but I'm not a health professional. It's very important to note that I don't earn any sort of commission for recommending any particular supplement or company. My thoughts are based on a combination of (a) studying the advice of nutrition researchers, (b) visiting web sites where supplements are described, and (c) personal knowledge coming from experiences with many different supplements. I had to go through quite a few health problems, before discovering supplements and foods that I found to be more healthifying than anything else I've ever tried. I sincerely judge these supplements to be effective for the vast majority of people. However, effectiveness can vary depending on your biochemistry and state of health. You can read my full disclaimer here.
  1. B Multivitamin ("Vital B" by Premium Nutrition): I personally don't need it, but some people are really energized by an excellent B vitamin. Unfortunately some B vitamins inflict a gradual "burnout" effect on the human body that people don't notice until it's too late to undo the damage. Vital B is gentle and has a good balance of B vitamins for most people.
  2. B-12 Vitamin ("Mega12" by Premium Nutrition): Some people have such a great need for B12 that they require injections of it. This B-=12 is absorbable enough that anyone can benefit.
  3. C Vitamin with Bioflavonoids ("BioLife C" by Premium Nutrition): I haven't yet found any other brand that performs half as well as BioLife C. It's much better than vitamin C without bioflavonoids. Rex Smith believes that most vitamin C is very poorly made, and even those brands that claim to be natural and pure and loaded with bioflavonoids are in reality very subpar, and can even undermine our health.

    You can take half of a BioLife C capsule, and it will still be very effective. Vitamin C depletes quickly from our bodies, so it's wise to take somme 6-8 times per day. I also recommend getting vitamin C from consuming small servings once every few hours of cherries, tart oranges, lemons and limes (2-3 4 wedges or cherries per serving are plenty.)
  4. D Vitamin (Sunlight, and/or the "Lightphoria" Lamp): It's best to generate your own vitamin D, which is produced by the skin when it's exposed to sunlight (or the Lightphoria Lamp.) You could also supplement with vitamin D:  Premium Nutrition calls its excellent Vitamin D supplement "Sunshine Plus," and the Carlson brand is fairly good as a fallback. Sunshine Plus as added ingredients such as bioflavonoids and curcumin, which make it perform better for most of us, but some people don't do well on it.
  5. Niacin ("Active Mobility" by Premium Nutrition): Active Mobility is excellent combination of herbs with niacin that feeds your muscles and tendons. It can be very energizing. Active Mobility will give you a "niacin flush" if you don't take it with a full meal.
  1. Astaxanthin ("Ageless" by Premium Nutrition): This supplement relies on combining Astaxanthin and herbs. It's an energizing antioxidant that has a reinvigorating effect on the kidneys. The name "Ageless" may seem overly ambitious, but the bottom line is it works much better than Astaxanthin alone.
  2. Coenzyme Q-10 ("GT100" brand, by Premium Nutrition). Most CoQ10 sold in America contains a very diluted version of this important antioxidant. GT-100 is purest CoQ10 available and is very beneficial to your health, especially your heart. It provides a boost to all of your body's cells, helping their mitochondria produce more energy. (Note: The maker, Premium Nutrition, says they'll change the supplement's name soon.)
  3. Ginseng ("Daily Vitality" by Premium Nutrition): A premium blend of three ginseng supplements and supporting herbs that work together to promote excellent vitality.
  4. Vitamins A, C and E are classed as antioxidants. In addition to BioLife C, sells "Golden E Complete" and several different vitamin A supplements. Rex Smith advises us to always take two vitamin E gelcaps at a time for our best health, never just one.
  5. Tea and coffee aren't considered supplements, but they're always found in supplement stores because they're very nutritious. Both have different types of antioxidants than in our food (and they're different from each other as well.) It's helpful to our health to consume both, while avoiding excessive caffeine by "going decaf" with coffee and black tea.
  1. Digestive Enzymes: To ensure adequate digestion, I take one capsule with each meal. I don't know for sure who needs or doesn't need it, but I always take it. I don't have a preferred brand to recommend.
  2. Digestive Spices ("WellGest with Cloves" by Premium Nutrition): This contains carefully selected spices that help you digest food. It also stimulates the stomach to produce more digestive enzymes and acids. A fairly good alternative is Belly Comfort tea from Traditional Medicinals.
  3. HCl with Pepsin, 650mg ("Solaray" brand): As our bodies age, they produce much less of the acid necessary for digestion. Anyone age 40 or above should take one or two per meal, if eating meat. You can take it anytime during the meal (Rex Smith takes it at the start of his meals.) Rex also advises that vitamin E should be taken with all meals containing fat because vitamin E prevents oxidation of those fats.
  4. Probiotics ("Doctor Ohirra's" brand): Excellent support for healthy gut bacteria, assisting digestion.
  1. Calcium ("LifeCal" by Premium Nutrition):  This is better than your everyday calcium, which is often made from ground-up rock that contains calcium. Please bear in mind that you may not even need calcium because it's common in food (magnesium and Essential Life often give better support for bone health.)
  2. Trace Minerals ("Essential Life" by Premium Nutrition): Trace minerals can be very important to your body's structural strength, and even your sense of well-being. They include Copper, Chromium, Fluoride, Iodine, Iron, Molybdenum, Manganese and Selenium.
  3. Magnesium ("LifeMag" and "MagPlus" by Premium Nutrition): With our food supply being so undermineralized, most people need this. It has a very tension-taming effect for many people. The three brands that worked best for me are Calm powder (by Natural Vitality), LifeMag, and MagPlus (both by Premium Nutrition.)
  4. Zinc ("Zinc Plus" by Premium Nutrition): It's helpful for nearly anyone, and some people don't realize how dire their need for it really is. If your body needs it, you may find that it shouts "thank you!" Take two capsules per meal with two meals per day, and see how much better you feel in a few days. Zinc is best taken with a full meal.
  1. All-Purpose Wellness ("Alive and Well" by Premium Nutrition): A blend of herbs, spices and foods that combine to support adrenal glands and reduce stress. It's very good for overall health, not just the adrenal glands. It can be used by some people to wean themselves off of coffee. Stop taking it at five hours before bedtime.
  2. Anti-Inflammatory ("Inflasera" by Premium Nutrition): A very good supplement for general health that reduces inflammation throughout the body. It also helps reduce pain. It has many components that work together: turmeric, trans-resveratrol, decaf green tea, white willow bark and much more.
  3. Essential Fatty Acids: EPA/DHA ("ProDHA" by Nordic Naturals): These omega-3 EFAs are very helpful for our general health, especially as we approach middle age. The people at Healthy Way believe the only product they're willing to trust is "ProDHA" which is sold only in some of the better supplement stores. Many other fish oils are made from low-quality stuff.
  4. Sleeping (Melatonin by Source Naturals): I like how it reduces anxiety and helps me sleep better. If I wake up at night feeling anxious, I take some CoQ10 along with half a capsule of BioLife C (another excellent anxiety reducer for me.) When I release my urge to think, and instead just relax to whatever feeling comes up, I can sleep again.
  5. Vision and Dreaming ("Sight Power" by Premium Nutrition): Extremely effective vision supplement. I've never found anything else that even comes close. In my case it cured my eye problems within days, but most people find it improves their vision gradually over a period of months or years. It works very well for brain health too..

    Because it nourishes the brain so well, Sight Power also supports good dreaming. In fact the first time you take it I recommend you have a nutritious supper and then take 3-4 capsules before bedtime, and see how much more vividly you dream.

Other supplements to consider that have special purposes:
  1. Brain support ("ThinkAgain" by Premium Nutrition): Supports brain health and mental clarity, and probably will slow brain decline due to aging. The brain also needs to be nourished by fats:  To that end, Rex Smith advises taking GT-100, Golden E Complete, and Pro DHA.
  2. Cleansing support ("Deposit Free Plus" by Premium Nutrition): An improvement over their previous "Deposit Free" product, this supplement was just recently launched in the late October 2018. It helps cleanse (a.k.a. "detox") your system at multiple levels. It nourishes the liver, and also helps cleanse you at the circulatory and lymphatic levels.

    I've personally tried it and I believe it to be a great improvement. I experienced significantly imnproved well-being during the daytime, and also noticed an excellent improvement in my dreaming at night. Rex Smith doesn't like many cleansing/detox products because they don't work and often do more harm than good. This product he recommends trying.
  3. Muscle support ("Flex Energy" by Premium Nutrition): Helps muscle flexibility and endurance, reducing buildup of lactic acid. It's useful for athletes and people who do physically demanding work.
  4. Joint support ("Mega 530" Glucosamine by Premium Nutrition): This is excellent glucosamine, which is basically a joint cushioning substance. It's useful for general health and is especially helpful for people with joint problems. Most other brands do not come close. If you have joint problems, stick with it for a month and see how you feel.
  5. Immunity Booster ("WellLeaf" Olive Leaf Extract by Herbal Classics): Excellent for warding off colds. You can use it daily, and if you feel a cold coming on, have some WellLeaf while eating only healthy foods with minimal sugar. Another excellent one is Nature's Wellness, available as capsules.
  6. Thyroid support ("Thyroprime" by Herbal Classics): This works well for people with underactive thyroid glands. When consumed with other good nutrition, this supplement can often support the thyroid well enough that a prescription drug is no longer needed. This combination worked so well for me that my formerly underactive thyroid is now borderline overactive, so I no longer take Thyroprime.
In addition to all the above, a variety of proteins can be very helpful. Different people need to source their proteins from different foods and supplements. Getting a variety of protein can help your overall well-being, fitness efforts, the healing of wounds and strained muscles and tendons, and preventing injuries. I've seen good results from Plantfusion plant protein, Garden Of Life plant protein, whey protein, various amino acid capsules, barley-quinoa bread, bison and venison.

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