Upcoming Good Life Bonuses And
“Wizards”  On The Horizon 

A "Good Life Bonus" will unveil information that shows how to build wealth and/or save money, while a "Good Life Wizard" will reveal other ways to live better (i.e. health, life enjoyment, or safety.)  Sometime this September we'll do a poll that lets all subscribers vote on which Bonuses they'd like to receive first.
  • Clothing Bonus: "Savings On Clothing And Accessories"
  • Education Bonus: "Savings On College And Self-Education Expenses"
  • Food Bonus: "Savings On Groceries And Restaurant Expenses"
  • Kids Bonus: "Savings On The Rising Costs Of Raising Children"
  • Leisure Bonus: "Savings On Hobbies And Entertainment"
  • Pets Bonus: "Savings On Caring For Dogs, Cats and Other Pets"
  • Shoptimizer Bonus/Wizard: "Save Money Every Time You Shop... And Protect Yourself From Overpriced Products And Overbearing Saleswonks"
  • Travel Bonus: "Savings On Flights, Hotels, Rentals and More"

  • Assistance Wizard: "How To Get Help For Nearly Any Task Or Problem"
  • Calendar Wizard: "More Than Just Tracking To-Do's, You'll Remind Yourself How To Live Better"
  • Coupon Wizard: "How To Sort Through The Maze Of Coupon Sites To Find The Best Deals"
  • Gifts Wizard: "How To Give Great Gifts And Still Save Money"
  • Housing Wizard: "How To Maximize The Benefits And Minimize The Costs Of Homeowning"
  • Internet Wizard: "Find The Best Sites That Deliver The Greatest Benefits"
  • Lifestyle Wizard: "How To Revamp Your Life: Location, Employment (Or Retirement), Housing And Recreation"
  • News Wizard: "How To Quickly Get The Most Relevant, Positive News"
  • Preventive Health Wizard: "The Food Supply Has Worsened Terribly, But Nutritional Science Has Advanced... How Every Family Can Emerge Stronger And Healthier Than Ever"
  • Safety Wizard: "The Government Is Mediocre At Protecting Your Safety -- But You Can Make Your Home And Travels Much Safer"
  • Teaching Our Kids Wizard: "How Youths Can Avoid 80% Of The Mistakes Others Are Making"

  • Treasury Of Time: Part II. Melody thinks five or ten chapters could be added: Ways to find help to get things done, time-saving smart phone apps, how to slay toxic "energy vampires," best supplements for increased life energy, and so forth.

Got a good comment on what we should do for The People next? By all means let's hear it! Use this form to contact us, or make your comment in the discussion section below the contact form.
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