A Few Christmas Wishes... 

First let's list some things we can all wish for: 
  • World peace and joy;
  • Liberty and justice for all (or at least, all who can handle it);
  • True love for all people who aspire to it;
  • A love for truth by all people, whether they aspire to it or not;
  • People connecting with the Divine and sharing that connection with each other;
  • Kids who have good character and a bright future;
  • And sufficient self-knowledge of what's in our "heart of hearts" that we will make our decisions wisely.
How do these wishes translate into the mission of GoodLifeMission.com?  Let's channel our inner John Lennon and "Imagine..."
  1. The Good Life Bonuses will find their way into the hands of people who will shepherd their financial gains with great wisdom and be blessed with wonderful upward spirals in their lives.
  2. Any supplements and health foods we discover, especially those that depend on uncommon ingredients, will likewise bless humanity.  They will help people who want their healing power; who are really loved; who will be much happier for their extra time on earth; and who will share their happiness with those around them.
  3. The goal of safety for all will become united with a wave of loving care for both our neighbors and for children everywhere.
  4. Many pathways of well-being will be revealed and unblocked, whether those pathways lead into us or lead from within us. Hopefully these pathways of well-being will ultimately light the way to universal sentient-being rights and freedoms.
  5. Any sites we design that are of a socially sharing (or "viral") nature will bless all who experience them with happiness and enlightenment.
  6. Our offline enterprises and travels will be enthusiastic adventures that will prove to be equally uplifting for people who come into contact with us.
  7. For myself I wish an enlightened life, minimally cluttered by the petty concerns of the selfish ego; and I wish that fear and darkness will only serve me as boundaries, not frustrate me as obstructions and traps.

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