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 Creative Portfolio:

 About David R. Snell:

Bio: http://goodlifebonuses.com/daveopen.htm

This page summarizes my past careers and achievements, all on one convenient page.

Company Outreach page: https://cofounderslab.com/profile/david-snell

This page explains the current status of my company GoodLifeMission.com, and outlines some ways investors and professionals can invest in the company.

 Dave's Philosophy:

Mission: http://goodlifebonuses.com/mission.htm

This page explains the "Golden Rule" of my work as a consumer advocate and well-being advocate: "Subscribers are appreciated life success partners, whom we shall give heartfelt support and enlightened information for their (1) health, (2) safety, (3) financial and spiritual freedom, (4) well-being and (5) lifetime of happiness." It goes on to explain seven bedrock principles that my web sites aspire to exemplify.

Manifesto: http://goodlifebonuses.com/manifesto.htm

This lists the "Twelve Great Aims" of GoodLifeMission.com for the public benefit: live by our Golden Rule; more time, financial freedom; useful gifts; life enjoyment; health and safety; avoiding life's traps; responsiveness to questions; animal welfare; philosophy and spirituality; helping others; and continuing to overdeliver far into the future.

 Financial Freedom:

"Good Life Bonuses:" http://www.goodlifemission.com/goodtune7.htm

Starting from this page, you'll collect seven Bonuses filled with consumer tips that will boost your health, safety and especially your financial freedom. The Bonuses cover Energy, Finance, Safety, Credit, Health, Home, and Technology.

True Home Costs site: http://truehomecost.com/

I created this site as an oasis of honesty and helpfulness, when most web sites mainly want to make a lot of money selling you a home that may not be quite what you need.

The Twelve Worst Consumer Mistakes: http://www.goodlifemission.com/vault/12goofs.htm

This lists the top dozen mistakes that cause the greatest total cost and harm to American citizens, in my opinion.

Consumer Control Center: 

You can think of this as a one-page "shoptimizer" that helps people find the best products at the lowest prices. It was written ten years ago and needs updating, but with a little imagination you can see how highly useful to shoppers it could be.


Overall health: http://www.goodlifemission.com/goodtune7.htm (Surf within to Bonus Page #5)

This fifth page of the Good Life Bonuses explains some top health-giving tips, and lists ways to save on medical and dental costs.

Paleo Bread recipe: http://www.goodlifemission.com/paleo-bread.html

This is my most innovative recipe to help people achieve a more nourished and wonderfully energized life. I also have a "most delicious-nutritious dessert in the world" recipe, but haven't yet written it up.

"Treasury of Time" ebook: http://www.goodlifemission.com/vault/timebook.htm

This ebook is more about time than health, however the first four chapters feature top health-building tips. There is a PDF version at http://www.goodlifemission.com/vault/timebook.pdf.

Writings on the most effective supplements: I've acquired highly effective knowledge of supplements through years of exploration of various brands, however these writings are all on a computer that's in storage.

Writings on the most effective teas: This idea is still in rough-draft mode. It's possible to approximately double the nourishment we receive from teas, using innovative ideas and high-quality teas.


Thumb-accessible control housing for steering device: https://www.google.com/patents/US6799488

 This page describes an automobile safety invention I patented in 2004. I sold it and the trademark "LiveDrive" for $50,000 in 2005. However the invention never did achieve significant market acceptance.

Traffic safety: http://autosafetyhub.org/

 This is an expert (yet fun) "crash course" in safe driving. It shows how I like to add an entertainment element to serious subjects.

Safety posters: http://freekindposters.life/ (Covers Pet Safety; expandable to many other safety topics.)

Currently this site offers a free dog safety poster. I'd like to expand it to cover many different safety subjects, so everyone can learn how to be much safer while enjoying life more. It can be translated into a book of tear-out posters. The site would have an online quiz page that tests knowledge of safety, to make sure kids are learning it.

Overall safety: http://www.goodlifemission.com/goodtune7.htm: (Surf within to Bonus Page #3)

This third page of the Good Life Bonuses covers driving safety tips, burglary prevention, and ways to save on insurance costs.

Home disaster prevention: http://smartconsumertips.com/specialr.htm

This covers a wide range of home safety tips. Almost all similar pages on the web have gaping holes in their discussion of home safety.

Personal safety: http://www.smartconsumertips.com/safelife.htm

This is a summary of top tips that help people remain personally safe from crime.

Future of safety article: http://goodlifebonuses.com/safetynow.htm

Explains how I believe the world could be made much safer by the viral dissemination of well-written safety information.


"Treasury of Time" ebook: http://www.goodlifemission.com/vault/timebook.htm

Gives the best time-saving and energy-boosting tips I know of, written under the pseudonym "Melody DuGoode." If you can guess why I picked that name, I congratulate you on your knowledge of early American history. Written in 2007, it could use an update. There is a PDF version at http://www.goodlifemission.com/vault/timebook.pdf.

"Consumer Calendar:" http://www.smartconsumertips.com/mycal.htm (Designed circa 2008)

Even though I designed this ten years ago, it's still working correctly because it was programmed to perpetually update itself. It helps consumers in many ways that you don't usually find with online calendars.

 Web Commerce:

Main web site: http://www.goodlifemission.com/

This page has links to the Good Life Bonuses, to company news, and to other sites I've created.

Good Life Bonuses, Trial Version: http://www.goodlifebonuses.net/goodtune7.htm (currently inactive)

This is a newer starting page for the Good Life Bonuses, showing the best method I can think of to convert visitors to subscribe to the Good Life Bonuses.

Magazine shop: (Not currently in operation)

I operated this online shop from 1998 to 2004, when I turned my attention to other ideas. The links on this site only work if you manually replace "www.100-free-magazines.com"" with "" in the URL bar.

Gems of Consumer Wisdom: http://smartconsumertips.com/tipback.htm 

This page has 70+ consumer tips printed on the back of a million-dollar bill. I believe an idea like this could be made to "go viral."

 Well-Being, Happiness, Fulfilment and Philanthropy:

Favorite quotes: http://magicmirrorquotes.com/

This site is a fun way to discover many of history's greatest quotes and learn something about life on the way.

Viral Kindness page: http://worldkindnesscard.com/

I designed this site in 2011, hoping that people would virally pass it around to nourish each other's happiness worldwide, but it didn't become popular.

"Excuses Begone" Muse:

This is my slideshow tribute to the "Excues Begone"  book by Wayne Dyer.

GoodLifeMission.com, Charity Version: http://www.goodlifemission.com/goodtune7.htm?bonus=ashley

This is a "charity fundraiser" version of the Good Life Bonuses (also see http://www.goodlifemission.com/charity.htm: how charities can cooperate with GoodLifeMission.com.)

 Various Other Ideas:

Research-and-Adventure idea: Travel the USA to acquire life wisdom and become richer in life experiences, while teaching communities ideas for better living.

Research-and-Adventure idea:  Travel the world to translate kind-intentioned websites for other cultures, and expand our awareness of life and alternative views.

Site Idea: Prepare and equip yourself to wisely handle any life situation: Savviest travel practices and tools, most healthful kitchen practices and tools, etc.

Site Idea: How kids can help their parents succeed in life, e.g. by teaching them tips from GoodLifeMission.com.

Site Ideas:  Three super-secret viral site projects. Can't tell you because sorry, then I'd have to shoot you.

Site-and-Kit Idea:  The most dangerous health-and-safety traps -- including the tools and know-how to detect and avoid them.

And more:  Visit http://www.goodlifemission.com/upcoming.htm to read about bonuses I'd like to give to subscribers of GoodLifeMission.com.

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